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Our commitment to giving back to society, 2022

December, the last month of the year comes as a reminder of the past and a hope for the future. This season of cheer, love, and peace propels us to recap our journey this year; the joy we could spread, by sharing from our hearts, clad in compassion.

This year we listed out a few good things to share, contribute, and give back.  We chose three important areas close to our hearts – Education, health, and environment.

Paving the way toward better minds

An educated society is a need for every community and the right of every child. To create informed and engaged citizens who can build a better tomorrow, we chose different organizations, schools, and colleges to make our little contributions.

An inventory of books, bags, bookshelves, tables, chairs, lab equipment, charts, etc was provided to schools and organizations like Sarang School, Pragathi Bala Bhavan, St.Joseph’s UPS, St.Mary’s UPS, and more.

From contributing to the tuition fee of siblings of differently-abled kids at Easobhavan college to donating a tactile printer to the Govt school of the visually impaired at Vazhuthakkad, we made sure no kid misses the opportunities to conquer new horizons.  

A tech company building the perfect space for the best tech innovations, it is no surprise we contributed a few computers to the little tech masters of St.Joseph’s UPS.

Healthifying and healing

The growing statistics of people affected by illness and chronic diseases call for the need for more functional health facilities. The range of services was chosen carefully by us to promote the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

Our mission was to provide different sections of the society with necessary support systems to dwindle the pain of the suffering.  Holding hands with various NGOs’ like Arike Day Care nurses and Arike NGO, we could contribute towards palliative care, chemotherapy, medical devices and also cover the consultation and procedure charges for the patients.

With NSS sparsham, we took a different turn in extending a helping hand to hold up the less spoken group of the society, the senior citizens. Donating wheelchairs, walking sticks, and walkers for them was the least we could do for the class that was once the pillar of our society.

Striving towards a green environment

To celebrate environment day beyond slogans and posters was not a difficult decision for us. The consequences of build-up pollution, habitat destruction, etc in recent decades have started to show a huge effect on the natural world. Undoubtedly it is our duty to save it.

To protect the environment and preserve it for future generations is a responsibility we cannot evade. Distributing almost 5000 jute bags among 15 schools spread across different places like Chittoor, Chevanalloor, Thikkakkara, Kothad, Pizhala, and Kakkanad was one of the many steps we took to urge eliminate the use of plastics in society.

Making use of Solar power, a clean, renewable source of energy, we installed solar street lights at Pizhala Moolampilly Bridge, Kadamakkudy. The 25 poles energized with solar power show the light towards a sustainable lifestyle and a cleaner environment.

Our journey continues

Humbled by what we could give to society, this season, we embrace feelings of goodwill toward others and a desire to make the world a better place and look forward to the never-ending days of sharing and caring from our hearts.